Scale Sentinel
Our signature product.

Scale Sentinel is designed to be a companion
product to the GSE 60 series instruments. This
software allows ALL of the custom software to be
written for the Scale controller, providing a stable,
configurable platform to maintain source databases
for upload to the instrument, and receive real time,
unattended  transactional weighment data from the
instrument. ANY ODBC compatible database format
is supported. (ACCESS, PostgreSQL, SQL Server,
Upload data to the instrument(s) RS232,RS485 or Ethernet interfaces.
Incredible power! This feature allows the instrument
to send direct SQL statements to Scale Sentinel,
requesting data. Scale Sentinel will search for the
specific data, and upload back to the requesting
instrument the required data . Individual orders,
parts, or inventory data may be recalled directly,
real time, from your server database(s).
* Automated uploads. Scale Sentinel can be configured to automatically refresh all the tables in all of the instruments on the network, at a specific time each day.

* Mirror TXT file. Scale Sentinel can be configured to create a mirror.txt file to a specific location on a network that mirrors the main database.

* FTP File send. FTP Sentinel can be configured to perform an FTP upload on any transactional data, to any FTP server, anywhere, any time.

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Weight tickets written directly to database table.