Process Control
The GSE 60 series controllers make an
excellent platform for sophisticated batching,
process control, inventory control, and data
GSE controller fills trucks with cement at this completely automated
process. Drivers "sign in" at a terminal in the yard, and Queue themselves
into the system. The operator recalls  the truck data on his loadout
terminal, and the system loads the truck, controlling all the gates,
vibrators, and chutes. The system prints the ticket, and sends the data to
Scale Sentinel and direct up link to clients accounting database.
GSE controller batches fertilizer
formulas and delivers to tanker trailer.  
Formula and batch data are maintained
in the office PC using Scale Sentinel,
and all batch weighment data is saved
in ACCESS tables for use in delivery
tickets, bill of lading, order entry and / or
accounting tables.
Whatever your process control requirements are, we can design a reliable, easy to use system.
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